Wheels, axles, crankpins, motors or gears are not included in Finecast kits, because of the wide variety of types now available on the market. Also there are the many different standards that modellers use, i.e. "00", "EM", "P4" etc.

We as a company can offer the ROMFORD / JACKSON range as wheel packs, to suit each of the locomotives in our range, or supply any mix to customers requirements. Details of the wheel packs are on the Technical Information pages , with details of the individual products held by us, on the Locomotive Wheels page.

On the Technical Information  pages, prototype wheel information can be found for the locomotive range. This information will help those who are using scale wheels from other ranges.

It should be noted that the ROMFORD / JACKSON range is a general range of wheels and that because of the thickness of the flanges, some wheels have to be the next size down in the wheel packs, because of clearance problems. However the larger flanges, optically make the wheels appear larger. This also applies to the number of spokes, it may not be possible to find the exact wheel in the ROMFORD / JACKSON ranges, whereas they may be available in the finescale ranges.

We now look briefly at the various ranges on offer and the type of system used in their construction and assembly. It should also be remembered that prototype wheel diameters varied, according to the amount of wear sustained and whether the wheel had been turned down, during overhaul. Sometimes wheels were retyred, when the old tyre became below limits. Therefore there is some leeway in the diameters of driving wheels, possibly up to approximately 2".


ROMFORD, a general range of driving wheels with nickel silver tyres and a cast metal centre. There are INSULATED and NON-INSULATED types, with square holes in the centre, that fit onto squared axle ends. This makes quartering very easy. The wheels are held in place by a special brass collar and secured by a special axle nut screwdriver. Our wheel packs include one insulated and non-insulated wheel per axle. Special crankpins that screw into the wheels are available and are also secured in place by the use of the axle nut screwdriver.

JACKSON wheels cover the BOGIE, PONY TRUCK and TENDER wheels. They are supplied in sets, i.e. (Two wheels on One axle). There are two types of axle, covering most of the range. One has pin point ends to the axle, which are referred to as outside bearing, or 08. The other type are flush with the outside of the wheels and are therefore inside bearings, or lB. It is of course quite possible to use a pin-pointed axle, as an inside bearing type and this may be necessary when using certain wheels for specific applications. If required the pin-point can be filed off, if not required.

Both wheels are insulated on their axle and one may be easily twisted off for assembly onto a chassis and then reassembled in a similar way. The Jackson range covers most needs, but as with the ROMFORD range, some compromises may have to be made. However these ranges are very popular and user friendly and recommended for the beginner.

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