TT01 Large Turntable Well 12" Diameter                                                                                

TT02 Large Turntable Bridge 12" Deck                                                                                 

TT03 Small Turntable Well 10 3/4" Diameter                                                                         

TT04 Small Turntable Bridge 10 3/4" Deck                                                                             

TT05 Set of 4 Ball Race Bearings (To replace bridge with white metal wheels if required)  

TT06 ROMFORD 1:40 modified gear set (For operating the bridge by hand crank)             

TT07 12" of 3/32" Brass rod (For making hand crank for bridge operation)                         

Finecast manufacture two turntable wells and bridge kits. The diameters being 12" and 10 1/4".


The wells are supplied separately from the bridges, for those who wish to build their own bridges.


Each well is vacuum-formed from rigid polystyrene, with a ball race being moulded into its base.


The surfaces are textured to give a brick and concrete effect, with provision for laying a circular

section of rail, for the wheels of the bridge to run on. The bridge has a rigid Tuffnol deck, with

vacuum-formed girder sides, which have rivet detail. If you require more detail on these kits, please

email and the full set of instructions will be sent to you, as an information package.

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