FT205 SR 4300 Gallon Tender

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FT187 SR ASHFORD 4000 gallon

Further Tender Kits

        FT123 GWR Hall 4000 gallon    (see FT144)      FT142 GWR De Glehn 3500 gallon  (see FT143)

        FT127 GWR Star 4000 gallon   (see FT144)     FT151 SR WW D                                (see FT150)

        FT129 GWR King 4000 gallon  (see FT144)     FT152 SR WW C                                (see FT150)

        FT133 GWR Saint 3500 gallon (see FT143)      FT166 LNER W1                                (see FT150)

        FT135 GWR County 3500 gallon (see FT143)                     

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