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All castings and components in our kits are available as spare parts. We have established a simple procedure for those wishing to purchase spares.

Please send us a S.A.E. with a note of the kit for which parts are required and we will send the relevant parts list and price codes, along with an order form. It is then an easy matter for the order to be collated and the correct amount sent in for the parts.

We do our best to turn spares orders around in the shortest possible time, allowing that some parts may have to be specially manufactured to complete an order.

Any part arriving faulty or damaged in a kit, will be replaced F.O.C. upon return of the item concerned.

We are able to accept VISA or MASTERCARD payments for spares, providing that the order is not less than 5.00. Otherwise please send a cheque or postal order. Payment in stamps is acceptable for orders that are less than 2.00.

Please print all names, addresses and part number to ensure the correct parts are despatched.