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X04 Replacement for Whitemetal Chassis


The motor mount conversion system, is designed to enable easy replacement of the old Tri-ang/Hornby X04 motors, by substituting either Dli or 013 motors or equivalents. As such they solve the problem of motorising the original Finecast white metal chassis, now that the supply of X04s and their contemporaries has largely ceased.

The mount consists of two parts, the front plate and the lower fixing plate. The lower plate has holes compatible with both D11/013 and both can be screwed to the plate with one screw. The hole in the end plate should be eased if necessary, so that it is a close fit over the front bearing boss on the motor. This should then be made a permanent fixture, by gluing the plate in position with a small amount of epoxy or the thicker type of super glue. The amount of glue must be small to ensure that none comes into contact with the armature or its bearin Because of the design of some of the white metal chassis, it is not possible to use a one piece mount.

With the two sections of the mount attached to the motor, the whole assembly can be installed, as though it was an X04 motor unit. Care must be taken to mesh the gears correctly, this is achieved by adding packing washers as necessary, as shown on the drawing, at the rear end of the mount. Thin tissue can be used between the gear and worm wheel, to give the correct amount of play in the gears, while setting up the mesh. It must be remembered that the worm shaft on an X04 is 3/32. whereas it is 2 mm on the D11/D13 type motors, therefore the gears will have to be changed, from the originals.