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All locomotive kits numbered from F146 are either completely new or retooled older models. Etched chassis are included for both locomotive and tenders. Standard size markings for driving axle hornblocks are included, for those wishing to compensate these chassis. Some chassis have turned frame spacers which are screwed to the frames and others the slot and tab type. The table of information within this section shows which kits have turned spacers.

Most of the revised locomotive kits, have a much higher level of superstructure detail than before, with many now having one piece boilers and smokeboxes. Wheels, axles, crankpins, motors and gears are not included because of the large selection of types available. Please see relevant sections for information on these and details of the components that we hold in stock. All of these kits contain brass hand rail knobs. Detail items such as brake shoes, balance weights and lamp brackets are combined within the chassis fret. All the new etched range of chassis are available separately. They are identified by retaining the locomotive reference number, but with a prefix of FC, to indicate their chassis only status. Most of these new chassis will fit the old bodyline kits with little modification.

The chassis for the unrevised locomotive kits (F101 to F145) are not supplied with the bodyline kit. In most cases they are available separately (please see list). Many of these older chassis are etched, but do not contain marks for hornblocks. A few are still white metal blocks. All of these chassis are gradually being replaced or upgraded along with the locomotive body kits themselves.

Finecast kits are designed for easy assembly, but to aid the beginner in choosing a suitable model to commence with, the following codes are used:


These codes can be found within the table of kit information. Most of the locomotive kits include alternative parts, such as chimneys, domes, buffers, cab sides etc, allowing different versions of the class to be built.

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