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The car kits fall into three groups. The Finecast range of 1/24 scale kits are highly detailed models, with full chassis, engine and transmission detail. Kits with reference numbers from A207 contain plated parts and photo etched detail sheets of logos and badges and water slide transfers where applicable. Other features of these recent new kits, are one piece bodies and left or right hand dashboards. These kits are considered by many to be among the best 1/24 scale white metal models available.

The 1/24 scale AUTO KIT range are highly detailed accurate models, but with a slightly lower specification than the Finecast range.

The third group are the 1/43 scale range of kits. These are of particular interest to "O" gauge railway modellers as well as model car builders.

All of the Finecast Kits come with written instructions, exploded drawings, parts lists and building hints and tips.

We are gradually adding to and improving these ranges which include many unusual and important historical vehicles, authentically reproduced in miniature. Finecast car kits are of special interest to the car modeller because the use of metal instead of plastic gives results which are far closer to reality. It will be appreciated that metal has many advantages for model cars, apart from the detail that can be incorporated, metal has the weight and feel, which is much more in keeping with the real thing. Bright work, such as aluminium can be represented by polishing the castings. The surface can take a variety of paint finishes, such as oil, cellulose, or two pack paints and be brushed or sprayed. Assembly is straightforward, but it is important to follow the instructions to ensure all parts can be fitted, by having a "dry" run before the final assembly takes place.

Much research is undertaken when putting a new model into production. Where possible, information is taken direct from a prototype and then passed to the skilled hands of the pattern maker. This process may take up to two years, before the kit is ready for production.

A metal model can have real value, if well made and painted, a good example will command a fair price, for the work and craftsmanship that has been built into the kit. An information table is included giving more specific detail of each kit, including a three star key, relating to build complexity of the kit ie:

* BASIC (would suit beginners) ** INTERMEDIATE *** ADVANCED

The pictures below, illustrate the fine detail work, in the transfers and photoetched logos. The etched components are normally manufactured from bright stainless steel, with all castings from high quality metal alloys.